What types of formats are available?

We offer CSV, SQL, TXT, JSON and XML formats which are included in a RAR archive. So you have a wide choice at your disposal.

* Please note that the free pack does not offer a RAR archive but only a CSV file to download.

Why do data pack prices vary by country?

Data pack prices vary depending on the scarcity of data. We try to keep the prices low so that we can cater for as many people as possible and the majority of prices are in the $20-50 range.

Sometimes a country data pack is very difficult to find on the internet due to a great deal of difficulty in finding reliable geographical sources and poor mapping, so these data packs are sold at a premium.

How to buy a data pack? What are the payment methods?

You can easily buy a data pack via the menu on our site, you can pay by credit card, paypal or bank transfer (please contact the customer contact contact@theopeneye.org )

Can I have an extract of these data packs to see if they can be used for my project?

Yes of course you can! On each product page is a CSV file and a RAR archive containing an example of what we offer.

Are the payments secure?

Yes, they are. We use the latest encryption systems for payments.